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Hello everyone! its been very long i know, but since my last post a lot lot of things happened in my life. I got married and i move in a new place, i changed my work place and even my job its new. And basically i was busy...but here i m back. For those was following me you know.. that i was not that much talking about myself, but i m here after many changes in my life so i will probably share with you guys somethings. And what better then Navrathri to start. I m an Hindu, for me its a lifestyle i try to live as much i can as an hindu. I born and grow up as a vegetarian and i m tiring to become a minimalist, but about that we will talk later.. Let me tell that wasn't easy at all do a golu but i tried my best, and i m so happy about what it came out. The golu for me explain a lot about hinduisam and it is an easyer way to esplain about Karma to the kids, or it is an opportunity to tell them about some Puranas stories..

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